The coronavirus vaccination program is taking place around the country. Individuals from various walks of life are obtaining immunized irrespective of their celebration affiliation. Details Preacher and also Joint General Secretary of the Awami Organization in a conversation. Hasan Mahmud has actually stated that some BNP leaders are covertly getting immunized.

He made the statements at a discussion conference at the journalism Club’s Tafazzal Hossain Manik Mia Hall on Tuesday (February 23rd). The meeting entitled ‘Bangabandhu: Bangladesh-India Relations’ was arranged by the Indian Media Correspondents Organization, Bangladesh (IMCAB).

“I advise you to take the vaccine precisely as you have claimed in public, not in secret,” he said. Do not immunize with embarrassment in secret. We are additionally devoted to guaranteeing your health.

He additionally stated, ‘Advancement of Bangladesh is not possible by opposing India. When the country started moving in the opposite direction in 1975, efforts were made to get ballots by speaking out against India. That is why we have experienced, this area has suffered. There are several political events in the country, consisting of the BNP, whose main problem is resistance to India.

Reporter Harun Habib presented the keynote address at the meeting. The program was carried out by the joint general secretary of the organization Shahidul Khokon.


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