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For a while now, each December Google shares the record with probably the most repeated searches of the yr, and in 2020 they swept ‘The island of temptations’, the coronavirus and tips on how to make bread. Nonetheless, this time the corporate has developed one other report of the primary six months of 2021 with probably the most searched by Spanish customers.

On condition that current months have been atypical as a result of coronavirus pandemic, the tech large wished to take a look at what Spaniards have been on the lookout for within the first half of 2021 to confirm how customers’ pursuits have modified at this stage.

On the finish of final yr, lots of the matters that had grown probably the most in searches in the course of the earlier twelve months have been instantly or not directly associated to Covid-19; and now you solely see two phrases: “what vaccine do I get?” and, by some means associated to this, “why it’s handy to breathe by way of the nostril and never by way of the mouth”.

Soccer, probably the most wanted

The expertise large has detailed that, based on information collected in Spain within the final six months, the dominant theme is soccer, with protagonists such because the Eurocup or LaLiga, which this yr has had a unique version.

A match for Spain within the Eurocup.


Unable to entry stadiums, many followers turned to the Web to search out out about match instances, standings and extra. For instance, among the many most searched these months are “How are Actual Madrid doing?”, “How are Barcelona doing?” “Atlético de Madrid”, “Betis” and “Sevilla”.

That is the highest search “How …?” in Spain within the final six months:

  1. How is Actual Madrid going
  2. How the IBEX 35 is doing
  3. How is Barcelona going
  4. How are Atlético de Madrid going?
  5. How are Betis going
  6. How is Sevilla going
  7. What’s the title of the tallest tree on the earth
  8. How are Santander shares
  9. The right way to get to Seville
  10. The right way to make French toast

In the meantime, different customers have turned to Google these months to examine the inventory market: “how is the Ibex 35 going” is the second query that has grown probably the most on the “How” record; and “how are the actions of Santander” the eighth.

That is the entire record of searches with “When …?”, With soccer because the protagonist:

  1. When does Actual Madrid play
  2. When does Barcelona play
  3. When does Atlético de Madrid play?
  4. When does Spain play
  5. When it is Mom’s Day
  6. When it is holy week
  7. When does Sevilla play
  8. When does Betis play
  9. When does Nadal play
  10. After they change the time

Different curiosities

In the identical approach, different customers have accessed Google to attempt to appropriate errors within the Spanish language: “why or why” is the time period that has grown probably the most within the “Why” search record.

That is the entire record of searches for “Why?” in Spain:

  1. Why or why
  2. Why do cats purr
  3. Why do I cry for the whole lot
  4. Why do the canines howl
  5. Why do my legs damage inside?
  6. Why is the sky blue
  7. Why do the ears ring
  8. Why Zebras Do not Get Ulcer
  9. Why hiccups happen
  10. Why it’s handy to breathe by way of the nostril and never by way of the mouth

A howling dog.

There are even individuals who have been curious to know “what is named the tallest tree on the earth”, “why do not zebras have ulcers” or “what dinosaur has 500 enamel”. As well as, there has additionally been time to ask on a regular basis questions, equivalent to “what day is as we speak”, “what’s on TV as we speak”, “when is Mom’s Day” or “when do they modify the time”.

That is the entire record of searches for “What? …”:

  1. What day is as we speak
  2. What time is it
  3. What is going on in Colombia
  4. What are they on TV as we speak
  5. What time is it in Colombia / Mexico / Argentina
  6. What dinosaur has 500 enamel
  7. What time does it get darkish
  8. How holy is he as we speak
  9. What time does Nadal play
  10. What vaccine do I get

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