Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor has returned residence with her second kid. She gave birth to a child at Bridge Candy Health Center in Mumbai on Sunday evening (February 21).

Kareena did not stand in front of the paparazzi video camera on her means home. He got out of the hospital and also got right into the cars and truck. Kareena was accompanied by Saif Ali Khan and also Taimur Ali Khan.

Saif-Karina will not bring the second child before the camera. Such rumors have actually spread out in B-Town. Proof of this was found this time around. Kareena did not stand with the baby, even though she stood in front of the paparazzi cam with the child bump. Nevertheless, Saif-Kareena most likely to her home as well as postured before the video camera.

Kareena was wed to actor Saif Ali Khan in 2012. She brought to life her initial kid in 2016. His name is Taimur Ali Khan. Timur has just recently tipped foot in four years. In the meantime, the little Nawab has made headings greater than when.


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