Ramadan is the month of self-purification for Muslims. In this month, Allah multiplied the reward of praise of Muslims several times. It is necessary for Muslims to quick during this month. From the earliest moments of Subah Sadiq till sunset, one has to abstain from all kinds of consuming, drinking, as well as committing sins. Dehydration can happen in some people because of extended abstaining from food as well as beverage.

What to do to load the dehydration in fasting-.

1. It is better to consume a glass of coconut water daily with one more sherbet in Iftar. Coconut water is rich in sodium as well as potassium.

2. Mixing a little honey with water will enhance resistance by filling the dehydration. As well as the skin will certainly be excellent.

3. Refrigerated cucumbers can be consumed in water combined with ice.

4. Consume a glass of water mixed with a piece of lemon juice.

5. Can eat saline and fluid foods.

On top of that, if there is any special trouble, you need to take the recommendations of a doctor quickly.


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